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About Brooks & Stafford Insurance

The Brooks & Stafford Company has been a Cleveland Insurance Agency since 1849 that offers a wide variety of insurance products. These products include personal, commercial, health and life insurance policies from several insurance companies. Being able to generate multiple quotes for you insures the likelihood that you find a customized policy at a competitive rate. The Brooks & Stafford Company is known as a premier Cleveland Insurance Agency since 1849. By being a one-stop shop for insurance, we have been serving coverage for families, local business, non-profit organizations, churches, funerals, schools, and much more.


With knowledgeable and helpful agents, we are dedicated towards building a relationship with you to ensure that you are properly covered. We want to make sure you are covered for various conditions, accidents or situations that you may encounter throughout your life. Agents at Brooks & Stafford are experienced and have dealt with a multitude of different claim scenarios. They use their expertise to find a solution for you, no matter what the situation may be. Having this expertise allows you to restore any losses you may have suffered as soon as possible.


When it comes to helping you buy insurance, our approach is simple. Brooks & Stafford educates you and informs you about several possible options that are available to you. Then we use our expertise to guide you into the right direction and empower you to make a quality decision. We guide you in a direction to help you make the right decision. However, we do not make the decision for you, as we know you will get more out of the situation when you know all of your options and decide to make the best decision on your own.

We are a Cleveland Insurance Agency filled with insurance advocates who take pride in the process of helping you buy insurance. The products and services we offer are high quality. There are state minimums for insurance and then there are Brooks & Stafford minimums. We hold you to a higher standard and tries to get the best possible policy that you deserve. Most people do not like paying for high insurance premiums, but everyone certainly does not like to pay for a loss out of pocket after they realize they did not buy a quality policy. We try to avoid that situation as much as possible and our clients appreciate that. Paying for a better policy now will save you money in the long run. Brooks & Stafford stresses on offering a quality product, because at the end of the day we are talking about insuring the people and things that mean the most to you.


As a Cleveland Insurance Agency, people come to Brooks & Stafford from all over. It started in 1849 as a local company in Cleveland, but it was hard to contain the word of mouth, positive feedback, and referrals. This is because people started realizing that buying a better quality insurance policy works out better in the long run instead of buying a low quality policy and hoping that there will be no need to file a claim. Brooks & Stafford thinks ahead in the future and that is why we save our clients so much more money in the long run. This is why we love insurance. Here at Brooks & Stafford we sell insurance the right way. We educate, provide advice, and become advocates for you and allow you to focus on enjoying life.


Brooks & Stafford services clients in over 35 different states. This is a result of proven success. Let us take a look at your situation as we like to take on new challenges and most importantly find new people to form relationships with. Ultimately, Brooks & Stafford strives to provide the best customer service to any individual whether you are located in or outside of Ohio.

Meet the Team!
Neil Corrigan (President)
John Kunze
Gary Lanzen
Jeff Zabor
Fred Bangeman
Mike Bentley
Bridget Corrigan