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How to Tell a Good Insurance Company from a Bad One

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It’s simple. A good insurance company educates, advocates, and provides value. A good insurance company invests in you. They do this by making sure they have a team filled with great agents who are available and knowledgeable. Good insurance companies figure out who their target audience is, determine where that audience will be, and create content that is valuable. Taking the extra time and effort to provide corporate video and blog content that educates you is not done by every insurance company.

Great Team = Good Insurance Company

This starts with having a great team. A good insurance company that has a group of reliable and knowledgeable agents is the beginning. Is your agent available more times than none? When you had a claim, did your agent make your problem their problem by making it a priority? These are all questions you need to be asking yourself when it comes around to renew your policy. Find out what everyone should do before renewing their insurance policy. A good insurance company will be available when you need them. Everyone wants to speak to a human being versus an automated voice message that puts you on hold indefinitely. They will have people readily accessible when you call, file a claim, or have a question.

Availability + Knowledge = Awesome Insurance Agent

A great complement to an agent’s availability is their knowledge. A knowledgeable agent finds you a policy that protects you when you file a claim. This is done by truly understanding the client’s needs and then determining which policy limits are necessary. A great insurance agent walks you through your policy so there are no surprises when you file a claim. Click here to learn how to find the best insurance agent.

The internet has changed the game of how people view insurance. People can go online and find the cheapest policy. This can be very dangerous as these cheap policies are more likely not to cover you when you need them the most. This can all be done online with out interaction with an agent. See why you should always go through an insurance agent when buying a policy.

An online quoting system does not offer suggestions like an insurance agent would. Understanding specific exclusions and terminology paired with the knowledge of all policy types exemplifies a higher level of thinking and dedication of a great insurance agent. For example, a great insurance agent would strongly recommend an inland marine policy for a distribution company that ships a multitude of product to different locations around the world. This can be easily overlooked when an insurance policy is bought online with no interaction with an agent. A knowledgeable agent is aware of all potential risk and makes sure you and your company are covered.

What about your current insurance company’s online presence?

A good insurance company invests in a great team of agents and online marketing. Statisitcs show the more that insurance companies invest in marketing the more they will get in return and ultimately become more successful. Type in your current insurance company. Are they easy to find? Do they have a presence on social media platforms? Are they constantly publishing valuable content? The answers to all these questions come back to the concept of how much does your insurance company invest in marketing and the ability to keep up with technology.

An easy way to see if your insurance company invests in online marketing is done by looking at their website, social media accounts, and content. Is there website mobile friendly? Are they active on social media? Does the website and social media accounts stay updated with relevant content? If the answer is yes to all of these, then they are staying up to date. Use this Google Mobile Friendly Test to see if your insurance company is mobile friendly.

Do you follow your insurance company on Facebook or Twitter? Is it worth it? A great social media account makes it worth your time by bringing you value. Check out our Facebook Business Page to see if we provide value in our posts.  An insurance company investing in consistent, original content across all social media platforms is one way to go above and beyond for current clients. This is another great way to tell a good insurance company from a bad one.

Good insurance companies invest in great original content. They have great blogs and videos that depict what insurance services they are capable of providing. Check out our company video that sums up why we are a Cleveland Insurance Agency that has been in business since 1849.

Earlier Establishment the Better

Finally, how long has your current insurance company been established? If a company has longevity, they are able to pay claims. The ability to pay claims while continuing to grow proves an insurance company is effectively covering its clients. That is why The Brooks & Stafford Company is considered an elite Cleveland Insurance Agency as they have been around since 1849.

Find a Good Insurance Company and Share the Love

Do not find yourself with an agent or company that provides you with a policy that does not protect the things you love. Find an agent that is available when you need them. Find a good insurance company that provides you with updates on  trends within the industry, tips to saving money on auto insurance and home insurance, or how to navigate through your insurance policy.

If you are fortunate to find one of these, spread the word. Refer your friends and family. Write a review. Rate their Facebook page. Go to sleep with a peace of mind because you and your loved ones are protected.


Feedback Wanted

If you believe The Brooks & Stafford Company is a good insurance company, please share it, write a comment below, rate our Facebook page, or get a quote.  Thank you.

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Insurance Agent? Yes, Better than Online (for once).

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Insurance Agent

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I get it. Buying things online are great. With the invention of smart devices it has changed the game for consumers. Any owner of a smart device now has purchasing power via the internet at the palm of their hand whether it comes to buying Insomnia Cookies at 2:30 am, ordering an Uber driver to pick up your drunken self, or purchasing Cleveland Cavalier playoff tickets the time they go on sale. You name it and most likely you can buy it.

It is convenient, saves time, and user friendly. With companies like Uber saving your credit card information it makes purchasing quick and easy. The internet is great and has changed the way consumers shop. However, there are certain things that should not be purchased online; and insurance is one of them.

 1. An Insurance Agent protects the most important things in your life

Insurance is an essential component of living in society. Insurance transfers the risk of unfortunate events into the hands of insurance companies financially. Not only does it transfer financial risk, but it makes sure that the most important things in your life are protected such as your house, family, car and valuables. The right insurance agent will help you do that.

As a result, buying the right insurance policy is a big decision. Finding quality insurance coverage is an important purchase because each individual demands a different policy to protect their needs. This is why consulting with a quality insurance agent will benefit you significantly as they try to understand your wants and needs to create a personalized policy for you. Find out 12 Things that Your Insurance Agent Knows that You Don’t.

 2. Insurance is way too important to be bought online

Think of it this way, when you make the decision to purchase a vehicle there a multiple aspects that go into consideration: gas mileage, durability, safety, size, accessories, style, and so on. Not only are there a lot of aspects that need to be considered, but it is going to cost a significant amount of money. Would you make this purchase online? I sure hope not! A car needs to be bought in person.

Insurance is the same way. You need to contact a insurance agent to assess your situation. Choosing the right insurance policy takes time and should not be bought out of convenience. You will be paying a good chunk of change for your insurance policy over the year. The more time and money you invest into a good policy will save you money in the long run. Learn 5 Easy Ways to Save on Money on Car Insurance. You pay for what you get.

 3. Insurance should be tailored to your needs

Many online companies offer a general policy for a wide variety of consumers. Buying a policy through the internet standardizes the consumer under a general category. In addition, an online form can not get to know you personally like an insurance agency by figuring out specific needs like a good insurance agent would do.

An agent can get to know you personally. They will try to understand what matters the most to you. Based off what they find, they will figure out the most sufficient coverage for the most reasonable price. Find out what’s important to a quality insurance agent. An online form will not do that. A good insurance policy is customized to your personal needs and this needs to be done by a professional who is aware of all available coverage options.


These are a few reasons why buying insurance through an agent is highly recommended. Insurance is way too important in life and it takes time and research to make an educated decision. Filling out a form and making a purchase for a product that covers a 6 month period or longer should not be rushed. Take your time and make the best decision. Consult with friends, family, and a professional. Figure out if you would prefer an agent from a independent insurance agency or a captive one. Buy a policy that will provide protection when you need it.

Cleveland Insurance Agency talks about Uber and the Insurance Gap

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Uber car



The people at Brooks & Stafford, a Cleveland Insurance Agency, focus on educating their clients so their clients are able to make the best possible decision. The objective of this strategy will create independence for their clients to make their own decision and this strategy supports what Brooks & Stafford preaches. People that come to Brooks & Stafford can expect to hear their options and the logic behind each of them. In addition, clients are being informed on what emerging trends are out there which might affect their decision. With that being said, Brooks & Stafford looks at emerging trends that will affect their field of work in hopes of educating people and eliminating uncertainty. Uber is a great example of this as it’s growing at a rapid rate and becoming very popular in the city of Cleveland.


Brooks & Stafford along with other Cleveland Insurance Agencies are keeping an eye on Uber as their services are affecting the field of insurance. Uber is a company consisting of people using their own vehicles for livery or taxi services. This is a concern for Brooks & Stafford, along with other insurance agencies because livery usually is not covered under a personal auto policy. (However, livery insurance can be purchased.) Many people do not know this as they are simply trying to earn an extra buck by becoming a driver for Uber. People do not realize that there is a time where the driver may not be covered by Uber or their insurance company. This is known as the insurance gap. The insurance gap is when the Uber driver has the app on and is looking for a client. It is called the insurance gap because the driver is not covered by anyone.



Basically the Uber driver can find themselves in three situations.

  1. Driving a client to a destination with the app on.
  2. Uber driver is driving around with the app off.
  3. Uber drivers are looking for people while the app is on.

People are unaware of the insurance gap because Uber covers the driver when the app is on and there is someone in the vehicle. Secondly, the driver is covered by their personal auto policy when the app is turned off. However, the driving that occurs between these two situations (option three) may not be covered by Uber or their personal auto policy, because the individual is using their own car for a service.


In conclusion, Brooks and Stafford wants you to utilize Uber whether you need a ride or want to become a driver because Uber offers valuable services. As, an Independent Insurance Agency, we want people to be aware of the insurance gap when you or a friend decides to become affiliated with Uber, whether it’s becoming a driver or use their services for a lift. This blog is a perfect example of what Brooks & Stafford does. Brooks & Stafford educates their clients so they are able to make decisions on their own. This is one of the reasons why people choose personal auto insurance with Brooks & Stafford when searching for coverage through a Cleveland Insurance Agency.


If you like this blog and want to learn more about what The Brooks & Stafford Company does then check out our website.

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