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Independent Insurance Agency or Captive?

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Independent Insurance Agency

Independent insurance agency or captive agency? Find out which route would provide you and your loved ones the best possible insurance policy.

The modern day customer looking for insurance has many options when shopping for insurance. An individual can choose to go with a well known captive agency, an independent insurance agency, or much more. There are unending options for you as the customer and it is very easy to fall in love with a brand and the lowest price versus the actual service or product. Check out America’s Most Loved Brands in 2015. That is why it is important to understand the difference between captive and independent agencies so you can make the best possible decision when it comes to insuring the people and property that you love the most.


The captive agencies are usually the well known insurance companies you see advertising on television.  They are considered captive, because their agents can only offer products of their company for which they work for. These include State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide, and etc.


On the other hand, an independent insurance agency is able to provide insurance products from a wide array of insurance companies. The Brooks and Stafford Company is an independent insurance agency which has the opportunity to shop from several companies to find the best price and coverage that fits the clients’ needs.  Brooks & Stafford runs a quote through all these companies compared to a “State Farm” that is only allowed to sell insurance products that they have to offer. It is a numbers game. A company that sells products from several companies is more likely to find a better deal for the customer. Ultimately, independent agencies raise the probability of the customer finding the best deal with the best coverage suitable for them.


The Brooks and Stafford Company form relationships with their clients by getting to know them on a personal level beyond insurance. We are a Cleveland Insurance Agency that takes pride in having a live person answer every call, because we know how annoying it can be to call somewhere and hear an automated voice message system. Customer service and properly paying claims are why Brooks & Stafford has been around since 1849 (check out what was going on that year).

Brooks & Stafford has employees that work hard every day to service their clients and help them understand coverage. This is done when we educate and teach clients about the services and products we provide which is one way we try to differentiate ourself as an independent insurance agency. In other words, Brooks & Stafford have agents that serve as advocates of helping people find the best possible insurance plan for them to insure the things that mean the most. We focus on educating our clients to make the best possible decision in terms of buying insurance. That is why people choose Brooks & Stafford to insure all their needs.

Brooks & Stafford makes it possible to form relationships with all of their clients. This separates us apart from captive agencies that are nationwide. Either way, Brooks & Stafford has become a popular Cleveland Independent Insurance Agency because our clients enjoy when they have agents that are willing to understand their situation and find the best policy for them.


An independent insurance agency can offer a multitude of coverages along with a wide range of prices based on the amount of companies they are affiliated with. A captive agency has limited amount of options for the client since the company can only offer that company’s product.

Finally, even though captive agencies have more capital to spend on advertisement does not mean that they offer a better or more trustworthy product than Brooks & Stafford or any other independent insurance agency.

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