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Pet Insurance for Christmas? Care for them too!

Pet Insurance

Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone is beginning to eye what they want to buy the special people in their lives. iPhones, video games, and other electronics are always at the top of gift-givers shopping list. However, buying a loved one a pet is still a very popular option.

But wait… Before you buy your loved one a pet, you should also consider buying pet insurance along with it.

You might be asking yourself “Why bother?” or “Does pet health insurance actually exist?”

It does, and it’s a very smart option for pet owners and purchasers.

In this article, I’m going to explain to you why you should buy pet insurance and how it can greatly benefit you and the person you purchase a pet for.

Let’s start here.

What is pet insurance and is it worth it?

Our pets become a part of our families. We love them almost as much as we love our children. So when an unexpected injury or illness occurs, we want to give our pets the best possible care.

Unfortunately, that care can be expensive. Often pet medical procedure costs rival that of human medical bills. In fact, one trip to the vet for an unexpected injury can easily cost hundreds or thousands of dollars

Pet medical insurance will help you cover the cost of those unexpected expenses.

So is pet insurance worth it? Absolutely. It can help you save money and allow you to give your pet the proper care they need. Not being able to follow your veterinarians recommended course of treatment because you can’t afford it is devastating. And in some cases, it can even cost your pet it’s life.

When you buy someone a pet as a Christmas gift, the last thing you want to do is put them in such an unfortunate position.

How much does pet insurance cost?

One of the best things about pet insurance is that it’s relatively inexpensive. On average pet insurance cost about $40 a month. However, that’s not a good indicator of how much pet insurance will cost for the pet you are purchasing insurance for.

Many variables including the age of the pet, the breed, the company you choose, and the state you live in can make your premiums significantly lower or higher than nationwide averages.

The best thing to do is shop around and compare plans as you would if you were purchasing health insurance for yourself.

What companies offer pet health insurance.

Pet insurance is hugely popular with pet owners because of all the benefits it comes with. So as you would expect, there are hundreds of companies that offer pet insurance coverage.

Below are a few of the most popular:

*Healthy Paws Pet Insurance: This company offers lifetime benefits and no claim caps. That’s one of the reasons they consistently maintain a high customer satisfaction rating.

*Pet Plan Pet Insurance: This company has been providing pet insurance since 1976. They offer great rates and a customizable annual deduction.

*Embrace Pet Insurance: This company allows you to use any veterinarian you choose. They also offer a customizable annual deductible.

These are just a few of the most popular companies amongst a host of many. Don’t hesitate to shop around and compare plans to make sure you’re getting the best coverage and best rates available.


Buying a loved one a pet this holiday season is a gift they’ll never forget.

It’s a lot more personal than an iPhone or a Xbox because a pet is something that becomes a significant part of our lives. Something we bond with and truly grow to love.

Don’t second guess your choice to buy your loved one a pet. But also take the proper steps and consider getting the pet insured. Life happens and you want you and your loved ones to be protected. Buying pet health insurance will help you achieve that goal.

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