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Are You Taking the Right Precautions for Winter?


We have been blessed with great weather as it took until November 18th for it to start snowing again in Cleveland. Even though it has not been much, the Lake Erie effect is sure to become an overpowering factor by producing lower windchill and increasing the amount of snowfall.

As a kid, snow is awesome. As an adult, not so much when you are used to making the same commute to work everyday. As snow starts to fall, you will have to allot for extra time to brush your car off, shovel the driveway, and to commute to work as everyone drives slower when the roads get worse. Don’t add unwanted stress to your commute by failing to prepare for the winter roads in Cleveland. Please follow this checklist to lower your chances of filing a claim and ultimately save yourself from any potential, unwanted stress in the future.

Determine if you Need New Tires Based on your Tire’s Tread

As the winter begins to get colder in Cleveland, make sure your tires have the proper amount of tread to provide the most amount of traction you can get as the roads begin to get icier. According to Farmer’s Insurance, about 34% of all skidding claims occur between the months of October and December.

You can measure the amount of tread on your tires through a simple penny test. Other than that some tires have indicators that show when you need to replace your tires. Based off how much the tire has been worn down in comparison to the indicator, you can determine if your tire needs to be replaced.

Our local counter parts, Goodyear, offer great tires specifically designed for the winter. Having specific tires for the winter might make all the difference from avoiding an accident amidst the unpredictable weather of Cleveland.

Evaluate All Possible Routes to Work

Driving might not always be the best route to work during the winter months when the roads start to get worse. Not only can driving become dangerous, but also inconvenient when it adds another 15 minutes onto your commute due to scraping the unwanted snow off your windshield and slower driving.

The RTA Transit operates during these winter months and could provide you with a more time efficient way to get to work. Choose your departure location, direction you want to go, and destination to see what time you will need to arrive at the RTA station. Not only is it consistent from point A to point B, but it is also stress-free. Driving in the winter can be stressful: worry less and live longer by taking the RTA.

Check you Car Weekly, Monthly, and Biannually 

The Consumerist writes a great article, “7 Things to Regularly Check on you Car to Save Money,” which describes what things need to be checked, how often, and how much money you could save. The list includes:

  1. Antifreeze (Biannually)
  2. Oil (Monthly)
  3. Air Filter (Monthly)
  4. Transmission Fluid (Monthly)
  5. Brake Fluid (Monthly)
  6. Tire Tread (Monthly)
  7. Tire Pressure (Weekly)

You will be surprised with how much money you will save and how much repairs that need to be made by checking these seven attributes. If you choose to neglect all of the precautions completely, I recommend doing it at least once before the year ends so you can save yourself any potential headache in the future.

Mentally Prepare Yourself

Tell yourself that you need to wake up 30-60 minutes earlier than you usually do. If your morning routine includes meditation (Headspace is a great app for beginners), showering, breakfast, or working out, please give yourself extra time to continue these habits.

Feeling rushed is not a pleasant feeling. Get up in time to enjoy your morning ritual and start your day off right so any unexpected trouble that winter brings does not make you late.

Be Aware of your Driveway Situation

Make sure your driveway is always shoveled. If you are short on cash, get up early and do it yourself as a great aerobic exercise to start the day off. If that’s the case, buy some necessary shoveling supplies from Home Depot and/or Ace Hardware.

You can also contact local snow removal contractors through TaskEasy and get a free quote today!


PhotoCredit: Phil Warren

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