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Cleveland Insurance Agency talks about Uber and the Insurance Gap


Uber car



The people at Brooks & Stafford, a Cleveland Insurance Agency, focus on educating their clients so their clients are able to make the best possible decision. The objective of this strategy will create independence for their clients to make their own decision and this strategy supports what Brooks & Stafford preaches. People that come to Brooks & Stafford can expect to hear their options and the logic behind each of them. In addition, clients are being informed on what emerging trends are out there which might affect their decision. With that being said, Brooks & Stafford looks at emerging trends that will affect their field of work in hopes of educating people and eliminating uncertainty. Uber is a great example of this as it’s growing at a rapid rate and becoming very popular in the city of Cleveland.


Brooks & Stafford along with other Cleveland Insurance Agencies are keeping an eye on Uber as their services are affecting the field of insurance. Uber is a company consisting of people using their own vehicles for livery or taxi services. This is a concern for Brooks & Stafford, along with other insurance agencies because livery usually is not covered under a personal auto policy. (However, livery insurance can be purchased.) Many people do not know this as they are simply trying to earn an extra buck by becoming a driver for Uber. People do not realize that there is a time where the driver may not be covered by Uber or their insurance company. This is known as the insurance gap. The insurance gap is when the Uber driver has the app on and is looking for a client. It is called the insurance gap because the driver is not covered by anyone.



Basically the Uber driver can find themselves in three situations.

  1. Driving a client to a destination with the app on.
  2. Uber driver is driving around with the app off.
  3. Uber drivers are looking for people while the app is on.

People are unaware of the insurance gap because Uber covers the driver when the app is on and there is someone in the vehicle. Secondly, the driver is covered by their personal auto policy when the app is turned off. However, the driving that occurs between these two situations (option three) may not be covered by Uber or their personal auto policy, because the individual is using their own car for a service.


In conclusion, Brooks and Stafford wants you to utilize Uber whether you need a ride or want to become a driver because Uber offers valuable services. As, an Independent Insurance Agency, we want people to be aware of the insurance gap when you or a friend decides to become affiliated with Uber, whether it’s becoming a driver or use their services for a lift. This blog is a perfect example of what Brooks & Stafford does. Brooks & Stafford educates their clients so they are able to make decisions on their own. This is one of the reasons why people choose personal auto insurance with Brooks & Stafford when searching for coverage through a Cleveland Insurance Agency.


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